About M+L


Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be on this journey alongside Leah! We are thrilled to share our hearts and hold each other accountable as well as be an encouragement.

My spiritual walk:

I grew up going to church from the time that I was little. I gave my life to Christ when I was 13 and got baptized shortly after. Through high school and early college I lost my way, even though I still want to church I didn’t have a personal relationship with God or even really know what that looked like. Then I started attending a college group and one night I remember sitting in the back row and hearing the college pastor talk about running from the Lord and how He will always be with us no matter where we go. I realized I had been running, running from my fears, my struggles, and trying to escape reality. I had been going out with friends and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing, but from that moment it was like God completely stripped that desire from me and I didn’t look back. I started to dig deeper into the Word and really figure out who God was and who He says I am. I felt broken but very hopefully that God would restore all things in my life and give me a better future. While walking through this I met up to talk with my now husband, since we had known each other since we were 16 and I knew he had a firm foundation with Christ. We talked for hours about what I had learned and what He could see different in me. The rest is history. Through my relationship with my husband, I met amazing friends, including Leah, that made me strive to be better, that called me out when I did something wrong and that always spoke the truth to me.

Leah was the first friend that I ever had that asked how she could pray for me and I fully trusted that she would. And that’s just a glimpse into why I cherish this friendship so much!

A little about me:

My husband and I have been married for 3 years and have known each other for over 10. I have the best in laws you could ask for including two sisters that I feel like have been family my whole life. We have an 18 pound cat named Thor but we often call him Big Fluff! I have been a youth leader at my church for 5 years with high school girls. I absolutely love to travel. I’ve taken two trips out west but would love to explore more. I would love to travel to New Zealand and Europe! I love calligraphy and making wood signs. And I’m definitely a foodie! I love trying new food and spending a whole day going new places and eating different things at each one!




Hey friends! Welcome to our blog. We are glad you are here!

My Spiritual Walk:

For as long as I can remember, my family talked about Jesus in our home, read scripture & prayer together, and was actively involved in church. I was about 3 years old when I initially asked Jesus to live in my heart–in the drive-thru at McDonald’s no less! My relationship with Jesus continues to grown as I got older & I was baptized at age 9. When i was 15, I had another big shift in my relationship with God. Beforehand, my relationship with God was in someways an extension of my parents relationship with God. I was young and they guided me back to his truth in also situations and for that I am forever grateful. But at age 15, after a period of rebellion & disobedience, I began to see my relationship with The Lord & something I had to pursue for myself. I began to want time in the Word & in prayer of my own accord & not because my parents or Sunday school teachers would know I was doing the right thing. I started seeing my deep need for time with Him & prayer on a regular basis. Since then, my love relationship with God has grown deeper and deeper. He continually shows me ways I need to trust Him, cry out to Him, serve Him, love Him, & be His hands & feet in the world. I love talking with other women about how God is at work in my life & hearing how He is working in their lives, and I can’t wait for this blog to be a space where we are that happen! We want to make God’s name great in this space!

A little about me:

I have been married to the love of my life , Jake, for a 2.5 years! We met when I was 13 (he was 15) at youth group, but didn’t start dating until he went off to college 4 years later. Jake started Physical Therapy school 2 weeks after we got married, and he is in his FINAL semester of clinicals! I graduate college a year early (getting married is good motivation;) & started working as a chiropractic assistant 2 weeks after graduating! We have the sweetest chocolate lab, Mocha, who is truly our fur baby!

I have 2 amazing sisters, who as honestly some of my best friends. My parents & in-laws are incredible, and I am grateful Jake & I have their relationships as examples of steadfast love, unwavering commitment & laughter. They are also 4 of our biggest cheerleaders & prayer warriors! I also have 2 awesome brothers-in-law, & am about to have a sister-in-law! Fun fact about my fam: my sister & brother-in-law started dating over a year ago!

I love to spend time listening to worship music, reading scripture, & praying in nature! Whether that is on my back porch or at a local park! If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be pizza, no questions. I am a S E R I O U S coffee drinker & so is my hubby. Many of our dates involve trying new coffee shops or shopping for be coffee beans to try! We also love taking Mocha for walks & hikes, walking around World Market, & having Netflix/Hulu marathons in our living room (we bring our bed in & everything, go big or go home)!

My mom is my biggest role model. She loves people with her whole heart, is full of grace, & she seeks hard after the Lord. It is evident in her life that she needs nothing more than she needs Him, and I want that to be how I live & what people see in me!