Twizzlers and Tears

We are so excited to share with you where our friendship started. Our husbands have known each other since middle school, so we all got together on New Years Eve 2013. We had met each other a few times before then, but we had never hung out just the 2 of us. So, that night we made plans to hang out and watch proposal videos together. Obviously right, since that’s what every girl dreams about as soon as the “boys are gross” phase wears off. A few weeks later we got together at Leah’s parents house and had all the best junk food a girl can imagine. Everything from ice cream, cookies, and Twizzlers, to pretzels & popcorn. As we feasted on our snacks, we cried our eyes out watching video after video of the sweetest and most unique proposals, as we dreamed of what that would look like for each of us one day.

I (Meagan) could not imagine what life would be like if that day never happened and if this friendship never became what is has. We have stood by each other’s side through engagements, each other’s weddings, marriage and a lot of ups and downs. I’m so thankful to have a friend that I can constantly laugh with but also one that points me back to Jesus just as much.

I (Leah) too, am so grateful for the gift Meagan’s friendship has been through these last several years. It has been an honor to walk along side & pray for one another through some of the happiest days & the saddest days. Meagan loves big, and deeply invests in those she cares about. I love that Meagan is a friend who I can share my heart with, have ridiculous gif text convos with laugh until I cry with, always count on matching with, and more than anything pray & seek the Lord with. One of my favorite memories we share was at my bridal luncheon, where Meagan honored me with words of encouragement about what our friendship has meant to her. Friends, you can never encourage your fellow girlfriend too much!

Just like the realness we experienced on that first night we hung out. We want this blog to be a place where women can be real, vulnerable, connected, and lean into the truth of God’s Word in good and bad times. We want to be open and honest with y’all because we are figuring out life alongside you. We want to better ourselves, each other, and more than anything, follow Jesus Christ together in this crazy life.

We love you all and are so thankful for each and every one of you!

-Meagan + Leah

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